Finding Your Perfect Match

How many times have you bought a new makeup product, and thought ok I have finally found the right product! Only you get home in your normal every day lighting, and discover, you’re a muddy ghost who’s about to star in the next act in the circus. Cringe right?! Not only have you wasted money, you are no closer to the look that you wanted.

You thought you had done everything right before you picked those new products. You had gotten feedback from friends talking about how amazing they were. You had stood in the aisle for what seemed like forever attempting to match your skin tone. You had read reviews. You had asked the girl behind the cosmetic counter to give you the perfect foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick, (to get that bonus gift of course), but guess what, she was just filling in for someone on break, and neither her, or the other employee she was covering for were trained makeup artists. You had even matched your skin to the image in the magazine!

So, where did you go wrong???

You were listening to what was perfect to everyone else, and assuming they would be perfect for you too!

The first step in finding your perfect match is to know what your skin type is. You’re probably thinking here we go she’s going to try to sell me skincare. Nope you’re wrong, although you do need a good skincare routine. You need to know your skincare type and face shapes, because not all makeup is made for every skin type, and not everyone can wear the same look. For instance you wouldn’t want a powder foundation, that was designed for oily skin if you have dry skin. Just like you wouldn’t want to smear your eyes in black eyeliner and shadows if you have smaller eyes. You can wear those colors just in the right spots. I’m not a trained makeup artist but I have learned tips and tricks along the way.

How do you find that perfect match?

First you determine what type of foundation is going to best meet your needs. Don’t be surprised, if you find it takes two different types of foundations to achieve your desired look. Not everyone will agree with that statement but it works! For example pairing a full coverage foundation to your cheeks to cover things like acne and discoloration with only a tinted moisturizer on your forehead to even skin tones. Yes, you could use a concealer with the tinted moisturizer, but maybe you have a combination skin and you don’t want the extra moisturizer on top of your daily moisturizing routine. Regardless if you use one foundation, or two you still want to select a foundation that is right for your skin type. There are lots of quizzes and tests online to help you determine your skin type. I found the “tissue test” is the best way, and the results may just surprise you. I’ll post more on that test another day so check back later for that.

Blah blah I know my skin type, but how do I find the perfect shade?

Start with a clean fresh face. Snap a selfie photo of your face in natural lighting. I found the best way to achieve that photo with out looking washed out is to take the photo facing a window. Don’t shove your face against the glass, simply stand 1-2 feet from the window and face it. Not all windows are equal some receive more sun than others. Try to pick a window not in direct sunlight. Once you have your photo, determine if your face has more yellow/peachy(warm) undertones, red/blue(cool) undertones, or natural/grey (mix of warm and cool) undertones, this will help in your color selection process. If you have a warm undertone you will want to look for a foundation that’s slightly more yellow. If you fall in the cool undertones go for a foundation that has a pink tint. For neutral undertones go for the peach shaded foundation. Don’t worry eyeshadow isn’t affected by undertones. You may find that warm undertones pair better with peach, and gold, Cool undertones with cool colors like blue , and neutral undertones pair well with earthy colors, but you can wear any eye color if you apply it correctly!

This is too complicated!

Your mind is racing with colors now, and that old soft hue light bulb has got you seeing all colors of the spectrum. You just want to quit the whole process. Don’t quit! There are easier ways!!! There is an amazing virtual try-on tool available that doesn’t cost a cent to play around with until you find your match!!! If you are unsure of your match tap the pink plus sign on the bottom of my store page and I can walk you through finding those matches!

With so many options available now finding the perfect match is easier than ever!!

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