Stand in the checkout line at any grocery store and you will undoubtedly begin, to see all the magazine headlines staring back at you. The headlines are all about getting that perfect summer body, how to slim down fast, or lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks! You start to see your friends post about how, they have jumped on the latest diet trend, and you should join them. It’s even taunting you from the T.V. on the morning talk shows, and commercials.


What could be better then, diving into your favorite home makeover show in the evening and relaxing after a stressful day? Then it happens, the commercial break hits and you see a fit celebrity advertising their latest revenue venture, athletic wear, gym equipment, protein powders…. Now suddenly, you realize you’re halfway through a bowl of leftover dessert from, the family get together you hosted the day before. You try to reason with yourself, it’s just one bowl, I only eat junk like this for special occasions, tomorrow’s a new day, I’ll start getting healthy tomorrow, only you have probably been telling yourself this same thing, since you made your “New Year’s resolution”! I am completely guilty of losing sight of my goals and completely falling off track, telling myself the same thing only, to wake up and find I didn’t accomplish any of those things.


A full foodie moment hits me anytime, I find I have fallen off my goal plans. I get sucked into a mindset of well, I messed up today so, I may as well eat whatever today and start tomorrow! I begin to lie to myself knowingly that one extra helping won’t hurt. I hit the drive-thru and grab a grilled chicken sandwich telling myself it’s ok it’s grilled. Only that mindset is taking me further from my goal!!! That grilled chicken that was healthy in my mind, or healthy salad I had for lunch from the restaurant with all the fried fatty food, turns out to have more than a days worth of suggested calories for my body size. In hindsight, I think I should have just eaten the fatty burger. Now I’ll have to work twice as hard to get back to where I was before I fell off track. The cycle starts with that feeling of ugh I failed my goals, yay I eat healthy today, ugh I failed again as usual. A mental breakdown starts to occur and again, those commercials hit me with, it’s so easy just do what I do. Maybe they are on to something?! So, of course let’s try it, I mean it worked for them right?! WRONG!!!


A health coach, my insurance company was promoting once tried to get me back on track, but all they were really doing was telling me the same things I already knew. I knew I needed to eat lean protein, healthy fats, blah blah blah…. What I wanted was something I hadn’t been told, I wanted an overnight fix for my unhealthy weight. The truth is that, that was not going to happen unless, I stumbled on a magic lamp to rub. Until, my genie comes along to grant me wishes, I had to be fully honest with myself! I had to realize I would never look like those celebrities, I just was not genetically inclined to be athletic. No, seriously, one of those trendy DNA tests confirmed it. I had to realize, I alone had to do this journey. It was not going to be a short overnight trip. This road is going to be long, and if I wasn’t “packed” and prepared for this long journey, I would/will never reach my destination!!


Now, that I have realized this is not going to be an overnight success story, I will be able to find my “summer body”. Finding that summer body is going to take a realistic goal and healthy mindset. I’m not going to miraculously, and healthily lose 100 lbs. in two months, it’s just not going to happen. Sure I could have a weight loss surgery or starve myself, but history will repeat and if the mind is not ready, failure will happen again! This journey is going to take a long time, my mascot will be an inch worm because, that’s how I will reach the finish line, inch by inch!


First, I have to admit not just to myself but to my closest confidant, that I have failed and I can not go on this journey with them, if they will not support my goal. The last thing anyone needs on a health journey is someone not supporting them and influencing poor habits. That “one bite” will hurt me, because I am a food addict. This journey will have tears, good and bad days, but if I don’t make a change, I will continue in my self loathing downward spiral. I could sit here making excuses about how my wallowing in self pity was justified, but I would still never reach the end of the road. I start by cleaning out the pantry and fridge. It’s harder to binge eat or crave a food you see if it’s not in the house. Meal planning, will keep me from making rash decisions in a blind hunger. Along, with meal planning, I pick a day of the week to be my meal prep day for the week. Sunday, evening I pre-portion out my snacks, smoothie ingredients and any fruits or veggies I need for the next couple of days. Now there will be no excuse about time. Taking it a step further a website for daily motivations, will encourage me when I’m struggling. Mental mindset is equally as important as what I’m eating. A great place to keep the motivation fresh and in my face is by having a daily pop-up message or posting the motivation where I won’t miss it, Like the bathroom mirror or fridge. The first 2 weeks will be the hardest as food habits get broken, sugar addictions are battled and poor mindsets are changed. Then inch by inch, or meal by meal by, making those changes for more natural grown healthy food, the journey will get shorter!!

  1. Addmission
  2. Support
  3. Bye, Bye Temptations
  4. Meal Plan
  5. Meal Prep
  6. Motivation
  7. Inch by Inch
  8. Repeat as needed until the destination is reached!
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